Imagine that you are an architect, and your task is to create the greatest value in a limited space. What you need is not just one material, but one that can withstand various environmental changes and always maintain its original beauty and function. This is what the diy composite fence come in.

In this world, there is a power that silently resists the erosion of time. It is the plastic wood wall panel. With its outstanding ability to resist deformation, it has become a dazzling pearl in the field of architecture.

The anti-deformation ability of our wooden panels comes from its unique manufacturing process. We use a high-temperature and high-pressure method to tightly bind high-density polyethylene and wood fibers together, creating a material that combines the texture of wood with the strength of plastic. This material can not only resist changes in temperature and humidity, but also physical shocks and pressure.

The anti-deformation ability of plastic wood wall panels also depends on their structure and material properties. Its structure adopts a multi-layer composite structure, including wood layers, plastic layers, and adhesive layers, which can effectively distribute stress and reduce deformation. The material properties of plastic wood wall panels also determine their high anti-deformation ability. For example, wood has a high elastic modulus and tensile strength, while plastic has high strength and toughness.

The deformation resistance of plastic wood wall panels mainly manifests in its very small wet expansion rate, which has good resistance to humidity deformation and meets the specification requirements. Meanwhile, referring to the regulations of “Lightweight Strip Plates for Building Partitions” (JG/T 169-2016), the dry shrinkage test of plastic wood wall panels was conducted.

Let’s take a look at a real-life case. In a tropical rainforest, there is an old wooden house that has stood the test of time for years, despite the changing seasons and harsh weather conditions. This is because our wood-plastic wall panels were used in its construction. With their excellent resistance to deformation, these panels have protected the wooden house from the ravages of time.


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