WPC Fencing is a type of composite products made from a mixture of plastic and wood fibers. this is widely used in the construction and decoration industries for their unique appearance and durability.

The advantages of wpc fencing as follow:

Environmentally friendly: using recycled plastic and renewable wood fibers reduces dependence on natural resources and helps protect the environment.

2. Strong weather resistance: Compared with traditional wood, plastic wood wall panels are more durable, can withstand the test of various climate conditions, and are not easy to rot, deform or crack.

3. Water resistance: WPC wall panels have good water resistance, will not absorb water and swell or be affected by moisture, so they are very suitable for use in humid environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

4. Easy to maintain: Plastic wood wall panels do not need to be painted or polished frequently, and they only need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a good appearance. 5. Insect-proof and mildew-proof: Plastic wood materials are not corroded by fungi, mold and pests, and have good anti-corrosion and mildew-proof properties.


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